Ello Darlings!

Currently Wearing: a Studded Jean Collar Jumper by Zara, Berry Red Tights from H&M, a Blue and White Clutch from Gucci (laying on the bed couch beside me), and sitting on the floor are my Black Button Up Ankle Bootie Heels, which are Louboutins. I’ve got my hair up in a messy braid, and the primary feature of my face are my red, red, red lips.

Currently Listening To: J’taime encore by Lara Fabian


I’ll write a bit about my weekend and then move on a bit toward feelings and such.

My weekend was alright. It started on Friday, which was a heck of a long day, let me tell you! Crazy long. We got up early, and got to the mall at eleven because we took too long getting ready (uh!). We had about an hour and ten minutes to shop. We spent most of it in Claire’s, getting gifts for several of the girls at church. I got K a pretty bracelet with a cross on it, and I hoped she would love it, and she did! And I gave V an infinity bracelet. They both absolutely loved the symbols. See, Katie is always like cresting herself, which is like, orthodox or something, but it’s her little thing, and we love her for it. And V is just the sort of girl who loves bling, and I thought that a gold infinity bracelet would be appropriate for her, since I bet you she is gonna stay young forever. I mean, right now, V is like 14, right? And all the guys think she is like 16 or 17. So she is gonna be 16 for a really long time. In fact, sometimes she is walking through the mall and guys look at her and yell out her instagram name, hahaha!! And they don’t even like, actually know her, except on there, you know? So V is V. 🙂 And K is K, naturally. Gotta love my girls.

As for D, I won’t tell you what I got her, since I haven’t given her her gift yet, and I don’t want to jeopardize it in case she reads this. I hope she loves it, though it’s small. I want to get her another small gift too, so she can have like two small and pretty ones, since she IS my sis and absolute best friend and such.

Then we went to Barnes and Nobles and got a bunch of books on our gift cards, then went to see the Nutcracker, then went out to eat, then to the library, then shopping again and I bought shoes, and it was just nuts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.51.12 PM

Okay, forget talking about my weekend. It was boring, trust me. Although I’m telling you, maybe I’m just wierd, but S and A have just been looking at me waaay too often lately. And J is never around, but whenever he is, he looks at me a lot too. I feel like this creep, like maybe I have a giant bump growing in the middle of my head, I mean honestly? Why they be so curious? Sigh.

I guess I’m just extra sensitive to guys attention right now. It’s really wierd, and not at all cool, trust me. Plus, thing is, I saw my ex D dancing in the Nutcracker the other day, and it just made me pretty darn jealous. He’s waay too hot for me xD and the poor guy used to say how he wasn’t good enough for me, and that’s why he broke up with me. Doesna make sense to me, tbh. He had problems when he was a kid, though, and even nowadays he still has to face them and such. It’s tough. I think he throws himself into dance to forget it. And I’m telling you, he’s doing a great job. I’ve been studying ballet technical stuff, and I think I would know. I mean, I’ve been noticing some missteps in the dance, or like once or twice whenever the girl came down a little sadly, maybe thanks to her partner. So if you’re looking for a ballet dancer to hire, I’ve got one for you, just saying that in case you’re looking.

And reason it makes me jealous is not because I miss him as a boyfriend, but because he gets to do what I wish I was doing, to dance. It’s way too late for me to have a career in it, and plus too expensive, and all these other obstacles. So I suppose I ought to be happy for him. But I would really like to talk to him sometime. He’s crazily busy though, and most of his free time is spent sleeping things off, naturally.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 10.43.50 PM

As for A, he’s very very good looking, but I haven’t seen him in months, not since October, and I haven’t talked to him in like a month either, because it’s about time he texted me first, and he hasn’t, so thats just whatever, like okay fine be like that. 🙂 Maybe I’ve let him go, or maybe I’ll see him again and cave in again. Probably will. My problem is, that I have crushes on the same guys for like, ten years. Seriously.

Like for AVF, I’ve known him since like 2009, and I keep saying I don’t have a crush on him anymore, and then I see him again and it’s all craziness and heart thumping and butterflies. Same, I think, with like D and A and just a heck of a lot of guys. Except for S, I don’t like him anymore. And I’m sorry if you’re getting confused about all these guys, girl, but that’s the way it should be, plus I know like ten guys with the same names 🙂 sorree.

Anyway, the result of my seeing that wierdly inspiring play is, I’ve been going nuts about practicing. I did a half hour workout Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and on Monday I did one in the morning and one in the evening. Yup, it was definitely inspiring. I’m just hoping that I can find a way to incorporate all these seperate parts into a dance. Maybe I can find a book on choreography, or some dance online that I really like to copy.

Right well, that’s my probably ah-nnoying life, since I betcha didna want to read about all my lovely guy problems !




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