From the Bottom…

Currently Wearing: Electric Striped Skinny Jeans by Fairground, Emerald Green sweater by TIBI, Black Penny Loafers by Vans, and a beautiful gold hair barette from Tiffany’s.

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Ello Darlings!

I’ve got a tad of sickness. Every time I stand up it feels as though I’ve been knocked on the head by a hammer. Despite these lovely feelings, I made it to Sight and Sound yesterday for Miracle of Christmas. We met two fine girls from Ukraine. They speak really sweetly, and some of their words are hard to understand, since they speak more Ukranian then Russian, but I understood most of what was said. D and me both agree they are quite nice. We might invite them to our skating party next week.

A funny thing lately has been that we keep meeting up with homeschooling people that my Mother knows, and people keep asking me about my ballet. Apparently Mama has been talking about my dancing around the house all the time. Sigh. Or maybe it was my siblings. Either way, news of my over-obsession for the dance has spread like wildfire. And then, you know, other ballet dancers give me a quickie and probably mentally shake their heads. I am double the height of the normal ballet dancer. I hate being tall! Thankfully I am incredibly thin, naturally so, and of course with all the ballet I’ve been doing lately, I’m probably a little bit more fit for the description then I would have been a while ago, but it’s quite embarassing.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.12.46 AM

Like, whenever we were at the Nutcracker, afterwards we went and did things with some other families because mom wanted to talk. So at one point in the conversation I decided to go up and ask mom a thing or two. And this one lady smiles at me and asks, so which one of your kids were you saying wants to be a ballet dancer? I just smiled and blushed a bit and looked down. Eyes shining, with embarassment, probably. I do love it though. I honestly wish….. Maybe I will magically develop some talent and get noted? Ha. Even if I did, Mom and Dad would never let me move anywhere to dance. They’d call it a faulty and dangerous career. More sighs. And that lady with the Ukranian girls asked me if I wanted to be a ballerina. I mean, c’mawn? BALLERINA? Nobody even uses that term. Except, maybe, my little four year old sister.

Right well! I’m feeling a bit better, I suppose, then I did yesterday. But I hate being sick during the holidays! I’ve got so much to do! Naturally, dance and voice lessons are off. But I had Sight and Sound yesterday with family, then tomorrow will be out all day with the youth doing mission work, then on Sunday I am singing and performing in the Christmas program, and Monday night we have more engagements. And there is New Years to celebrate, and caroling to do. It is nuts, the sort of wonderful business I look forward to, expect when I am sick.

Love you all! Thanks for reading through my rants! I know they are all on the same topics, and such, please forgive me! I can’t help myself! And sorry for the spams of ballet pictures everywhere!



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