Call all the Ladies Out

Ello Darlings! Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014!

Currently Wearing: Long, Sparkling Gold dress found while thrift shopping with my Grandmeré, White Ankle Buckle Up Heeled Booties by Kenneth Cole, and various pieces of jewelry by Tiffany’s and Marc Jacobs. My hair is up in a side swept messy bun, and the trails are curled.

Currently Listening to: Team by Lorde

The outfit above is what I was wearing to the New Years Eve service last night. For the party with youth I changed into more comfortable clothing, naturally. We went there with the fantastic H&H twins. Although they do listen to some questionable music (much like all of us, I suppose) their hearts are truly in the right place. K, my cousin, and D, my sister, and I all went up to State College with them. It’s a few hours journey from where we live, so by the time church ended and we got started, things just kept getting later and later.

When we arrived at the party, it was literally 11:48. We came in, said hello, set out a few dishes, everyone prayed, and then it was already 12:00! I absolutely love parties. I was really sorry that we were so late, because we missed about half of it. All the Vovch. girls had to leave almost immediently. I was hoping Angela would stay at ours all night, but she decided to attend another party, where I suppose she had more fun, since she didn’t come home.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.47.46 AM

The great thing about the party was that all of the Dyb guys were there (since it was at their house) and they invited all of their incredibly good-looking friends. A, my crush, was there. I don’t know about he liking me. K says it’s possible, and I think it is too, but he wasn’t completely outgoing in showing it. Probably because H&H nearly flooded him with comments about how V likes him. She likes everybody, and I think their cruel to make it into a joke, but I suppose he was in over his head. Those guys just don’t know how to leave well enough alone. Actually, it was really funny! I’m just wondering if it influenced his feelings toward me…

In retort, he mentioned that he prefers girls who are like, tanner, and things. Says he wants to move down to Miami where all the pretty girls are. We all laughed like crazy at that. I mean, I get the vibe that he doesn’t hate me, and he did look at me pretty darn often (in that funny way of his) but I didn’t see very much of his signature smirk. He did hug me goodbye, though. It was kinda a man-hug sort of thing, so I honestly don’t know what to think about it. But hawnestly, he makes it incredibly hard to flirt. I kept trying to get a conversation started, but he never noticed, he was always talking with somebody else, usually anyways. Point is I didn’t really get him to myself.

Good thing was, not many other girls from the youth came, so V wasn’t there, and neither were any other of the pretty ones, so I guess I was the prettiest girl there. I hate to say that and make it sound snobbish, but I was just glad that there wasn’t much competition. The stupid thing is that probably four or five of the guys (eventually most of them left) including A kept looking at me and then looking away. Like, you know what I mean? When their checking you out? And then doubling back sometimes?


Well, you know what they say. If you show up and they aren’t whispering, go home and change. Mission accomplished, I suppose 🙂 no need to go home and change.

Wish you the best in 2014! My resolutions>>

-Maybe to date somebody like A or D. That’s a dumb resolution though.

-I want to get abs.

-Also I want to find a way to earn more money for a laptop and cellphone

-To finally get my permit and license


Nicole NonChaire/Amoire


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