Willow Trees

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Kay so! Victoria’s party was on Saturday, and I ought to write about it while the memory is fresh.

First of all, grandma (after a long, laborious, and straining morning) decided she is going to drive us to the party herself, since it’s on her way back to State College where she is visiting my Great Aunt (again, missed my chance to see A. Ughh!). Anyways, I figured out a map for her, and we got there alright, without any major misshaps. She might disagree with that statement, but she isn’t the one writing this blawg. So we arrived at Twin Ponds ice skating rink at exactly 1:45. And guess what?

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 10.10.53 AM

Naturally, being Ukraniane, everybody else was late. And us, being Russian/Kazakstanian, we were on time. Early, really. Nobody, literally, that I knew was there. So I had to call V and reassure Grandma that we’d arrived at the correct rink, and everyone else was simply late. We waited till H&H arrived, then Grandma was assured that we were in good hands, and she left. I paid the fee and such. I had really wanted to hit the rink early in order to get some extra practice, but Deni wanted to wait until everybody else arrived. So we did. The girls came in, overdressed in their fancy sparkles (no wonder their noses were all red!). V wanted me to help her skate, but it wasn’t easy, because I really wanted to skate on my own, since she was so slow. I’m a terrible friend, honestly. Mostly I hung out with my cousins, K and M, and obviously my sister D. But I tried helping V, on every other occasion, she’s just really shaky and needs to learn to have as much confidence on ice as she does hanging with guys. (wink) She was doing pretty fine by the end of the skate though.

So specific events that were cool at the ice skating rink:

-Playing tag on ice, K is practically a speed skater, so she and all the guys were beating us up! Crazy stuff, wish I could skate like that.

-Meeting S and G, a guy and girl who AF says are his best friends. I was really nervous about meeting them, but S was very funny, so it turned out alright in the end. Honestly, he’s almost as cute as AF, and even M agreed. G is a little bit strict, I don’t know about her, she just seems serious, but she has a fabulous sense of style (I got MAJOR handbag envy!)

-Learning to skate backwards and watching M and K learn to do it. They’ve got the hang of it down much better then me, mainly because they’ve done more practice

Alright, now that we’re done with the skating rink, let’s move on with the party. We traveled to V’s house in order to have tea, chilling to Selly Gomez’s Write Your Name, which is K’s fave song by her, it’s not my favorite, but we had a good time. Once we got there, we changed into comfortable clothing and ate a delicious meal. We then played two or three hilarious games. The winking game, where one person is the killer and he has to kill people. Only one of them is allowed to guess who the killer is, everybody else has to die, and the policeman’s challenge is to find the killer using the people who die, watching everybody, it’s fun. I killed V…. and then right away P guessed it was me… Guess I’m not very subtle… Must be something about my eyebrows. Too obvious, dashing, in your face, etc. According to my brother anyway.

So the games kept us absolutely guffawing with laughter πŸ™‚ We then went to a bowling place nearby. Mainly our time there was spent taking lots of pictures, drinking purple and blue slushies, and attempting not to lose our voices as we cheered each other on to a strike or a failure. It was truly admirable, the way we high-fived and positive-energized each other. Very excellent stuff. I enjoyed myself.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.47.53 AM

After bowling, most everybody left. Deni and I had to wait for Mama and Papa to come by to pick us up, so we went to V and L’s house. It was a blast! We had tea, and took off our makeup, and I changed into comfortable clothes, and basically we had a mini sleepover till our parents got there, which was like 12:30. I showed off some of my ballet (wink) without meaning too, because I knew that I wouldn’t have time for it whenever we went to bed. V’s proud of my flexibility, aha. and N asked if I do ballet. She’s one of the three girls who came from SC, O and L and N. I don’t know N asmuch as L and O, but all three are very sweet girls. I’m increasing my influence over the Russian youth community quite properly, it seems. I now know quite a bit of the people. Conferences are going to be a difficult affair for me, I imagine, what with having to go up and say hello to SO many people. Anyways, that was our after-party. We also opened all the presents.

It was a wonderful day with a nice, peaceful ending. I really enjoyed myself immensely, and hope that V and O (our birthday girls) did too. Pictures are up all over FB, and the people who didn’t attend are regretting it. S and I pretend not to care, but I know that they do. V is trying hard not to feel bad about not inviting them. I think they’ll be fine, alive, they say they couldn’t have gone anyway.



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