Controversial Stuffings

Hey Darlings!

Currently Wearing: The Clean Shirt from AYR (see here), African Queen Legging from Revolve, and Crochet Cream White Toms. I’ve got a pretty Infinity bracelet from Tiffany’s dangling from my left wrist, and my hair is up in a messy french braid.

Currently Listening To: Winner by Pet Shop Boys

I just realized that it’s entirely possible I will be spending Valentine’s Day alone. This afternoon I’ve got ballet, then it’s the weekend and Sunday and I have church busyness, and then I’ve got only a week before that intimidating day. Such a perfect time to remind me just how ultra-single I am! I do have a guy that I will be sending a Valentine’s card to, but we aren’t in a relationship, AF is more like a best friend of mine, one who I might eventually have a relationship with, but not as of now. Also, I may not be going to conference that weekend after all. So just in case that I do have to spend it back home, here is a list of things to do to cheer myself up.

•Buy myself a jar of Nutella and keep it in my closet along with a spoon

•Make and send a card for AF

•Write Valentines to my friends and family

•Choose that day to have a major shopping trip at all my favorite stores

•Play a prank on an ex

•Browse for hours

•Buy all of my favorite songs and listen to them on loop all day

•Have a Gossip Girl marathon

Kay, so those are some of my ideas for a cheering up! Comment more fun ideas below.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.42.29 AM



5 thoughts on “Controversial Stuffings

  1. In Japan, there’s a holiday called “Black day” on April 14th. It’s Valentine’s Day but for single people. You eat black noodles and stuff. You can always do that a few months early, lol.

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