New Sig. Line ;)

Ello Darlings!

Currently I am settling down for an evening of what I call ‘culture enrichment’. Beside my desk is a steaming cup of tea. I’m slowly sipping it as I review some videos of myself practicing ballet from the past few nights. I take slight enjoyment in seeing these things, and it helps me note an unturned or unarched foot more acutely. After this, I plan to finish the last half of my cup sifting through recent Fall 2014 runway shows on I’ve got the perfect playlist, a little thing I cooked up for myself on this neat sit. It’s all in Russian, otherwise I’d share it with you, but suffice to say that I am enjoying the benefit of both these languages.

It’s just a peaceful time right now. Lately I’ve felt more relaxed then usual. Somehow after getting over the flu, my head feels a million times clearer then it has in months. I think it has to do with my neck hurting less, or something. Who knows? It could be for any reason. Anyways, I’m going to enjoy myself tonight as I prepare for my (in all probability) extraordinarily busy weekend.

Ten Random Facts about moi>

1. I care too much about stupid things, and I don’t care enough about what counts.

2. I don’t sleep a lot.

3. I’m lonely way too often.

4. I’m scared about my future.

5. I’m not good at school.

6. I listen to music too loud to drown out the world.

7. I don’t have a lot of friends.

8. I forgive people not because they deserve it but because I need them.

9.  I put other people’s happiness before mine.

10. Too often there’s not anybody I can trust.

-Lonely but Fabulous,



10 thoughts on “New Sig. Line ;)

  1. Oooh Russian playlist? That spuds terrific! Sometimes I make my friends here some Hindi songs and they are so lost! ( even though they should really know it by now)

  2. ” I forgive people not because they deserve it but because I need them.” omg you peeked into my soul with this! Lovely way to say it 🙂

  3. Nicole,
    I have to say, I can totally relate to those ten facts sometimes. 😦
    But congratulations on getting 89+ followers!

    Stay Lovely,
    – Ashley Moore

  4. I used to have a hard time with number 7 on your list in middle school. In High School, I discovered the saying, 1 true friend is more precious than 1000 fake friends. ❤ hun!

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