New Look ;) and 100 Darling Followers!!

Herro Darlings! Happy Monday.

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Now on to my post.

“Loving every minute, ‘cuz you make me feel so alive. Alive, alive, alive, alive. Say hello to my people, I’m waking up in the snow..” -Empire of the Sun

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 6.34.23 PM

You know, that’s kinda how I’ve felt lately. How I’m way too alive. It’s like I’m sparkling with a desire for energy and movement. I hate sitting at home for more then a day, and yet that’s exactly what happened last week. I just wasn’t given the right opportunity to leave the house. Especially since I’ve never been an overachiever, I didn’t exactly spend those many hours laying in bed on my laptop doing school… and now my grades are suffering for it. I’ve not officially been banned from leaving the house, but the attitude is definitely there. This morning I mentioned my internship to my Mother, and she just gave me a look. Same thing when I asked about going shopping. “Don’t you think those hours would be better served doing school?”

No, I don’t. Honestly, I’ve never been the studying type.

I spend fifteen or twenty minutes reading over a lesson, then I go on to the assignment. All of my learning comes through books. In fact, I feel like that’s why I’ve been losing intelligence points. It’s because I don’t have the opportunity to go to the library once every few weeks to pick up new books. And if I’m not learning anything new, then my grades stagger because there isn’t anything interesting going on.

Besides my career plan has always been to go into anything creative. Whether it was to become a professional figure skater, a writer, a fashion designer, or an artist, anything remotely brainy immediately bores me. Honestly, the most ‘brainy’ thing I’ve ever wanted to be was an Art or perhaps English teacher. And in the place that I’m currently at, a costume designer for ballet sounds like the most fascinating, rewarding career ever. Who cares about making money?

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 6.43.35 PM

I know, I know, I do. I’ve always dreamed of being wealthier… and darnit, this creative ‘spark’, me stretching about five to eight times a day for ballet, drawing every other spare moment, taking voice lessons and countless minutes practicing at home…. has been inspired by Ice Princess. It’s officially my favorite movie for 2014.

So shoot me now. I just hope my Daddy’s proud of whoever it is I become.

Do you like the blog’s new look?

-Lonely but Fabulous


((Author’s Note>>

……plus 91 more for a total of 100 followers! (!!!!!!)

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. In the space of two months, I’ve gone from like 34 followers to one hundred! I’m just so blessed and thankful that all of you are interested in what I’m saying. I wish I knew all of you, and could thank you personally. As of now, I only know maybe four of you at all, much less in person. Huge thanks though ))

4 thoughts on “New Look ;) and 100 Darling Followers!!

  1. Nicole,
    I completely can relate to you. I’ve never quite been the studious type either, I’d much rather do something more creative and in the arts direction. Hopefully you find what you’re truly passionate about and make a career out of it! :]

    xoxo MB

    • Massie,
      I’ve got a few plans 😉 It’s lovely you can relate. But I can’t get into U of Arts or anything such because I’m not a decent artist or dancer. So I think I’ll go into fashion. Hopefully It’ll make good money! aha

      -Lonely but Fabulous

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