Gonna Ride to the Happy End

‘Ello Darlings!

Currently Wearing: Sport Running Shorts from Hollister, Fallon Faux Fur Shrug by Brandy Mellville, Go Away Black Beanie from Topshop, and the Leather Flat Sandal in Light Blue by Zara.

Currently Listening To: Girlfriend by Icona Pop

“Where would we be, be without you, was so lost until tonight.

I wanna feel the sun, the waves, the wind in my face,

That’s hows goin’ be, young wild and free,

We’re not gonna slow down.”

Sadly, only two precious days of warm weather, and it’s back to being cold. Naturally, I expected it coming. However, as with the Icona Pop song above… I want to feel the wind and sun in my face, to take off a few layers and enjoy. On Tuesday I went out for a run in the afternoon. It felt absolutely amazing to be in shorts again, running free. It does give you a sense of freedom, doesn’t it? To not have to bundle up? And I’m the sort of person who feels that very acutely when it’s gone. Anyways, I’m busy with the hype of finishing up my school quarter. Thanks to the many lovely morning’s I’ve spent interning, and half week that I took off because I was sick, I’ve a ton of catching up to do. Please excuse me while I complete this hurdle, and once it’s done I promise I’ll have something interesting to relate 🙂

-Lonely but Fabulous


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