Vide du Musique: Ce ne’st pas la vie

‘Ello Darlings!

Lovely Saturday, isn’t it? I’ve been surfing through lookbook. I only follow others on it, since I haven’t got a good camera of my own (it’s on my wish list!), but it’s neat for getting outfit inspiration. Then I realized I’ve promised to write a post. So here I am, and here it is!

Currently Wearing: I’m Carrying a White Prada Saffiano Handbag. Because the weather’s mild, I’ve switched my puffy winter coat for a Banana Republic imitation of the Burberry Prorsum Gem Collar Trench Coat. Underneath of that, I’ve on an adorable Body Central Rusched Side Jersey Mini Skirt and a Vintage Louis Feraud Button Up Shirt. My hair is up in a maiden braid (I’ve finally mastered how to do this myself), I’ve on several bangles from Forever21, and my shoes are Black Lace Pumps by Rock and Republic.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 10.01.58 PM

Currently Listening To: Soldier by Loobév, (that is an attempted English interpretation of a Russian artist)

As you might have guessed by my (extensive, sorry) outfit description, I just got back from church. It was the first time in four weeks. I spent  hours picking the perfect outfit to debut my entrance back into the Russian social scene, especially because V mentioned we might take photos. Therefore, at five thirty sharp, I was climbing into my grandmother’s bright red Buick. It’s a magnificent car to be in. Dad was driving, I was riding shotgun. We stopped by Target before church because grandmother wanted us to pick up a few organizing boxes. Then, we were officially on our way. The afternoon was warm, a true refresher. Every time the weather jumps back to cold, it’s a little less intense, a sure reminder that Spring is on it’s way.

When we arrived, the service had already begun. Seven middle-aged singers dominated the stage, dressed in old-fashion Ukrainian Rubashki (shirts). As we listened along, K and me wondered aloud, “What can’t these guys do?” They were that good. I thoroughly enjoyed the change from our usual two-hour long sermons. I’ll admit, however, that by the middle of the service my arse was on fire. Those seats burn when you aren’t used to them. V, naturally, acted as though she hadn’t seen me in years. It felt like it, too. We shared gum and whispered till the old couple behind us told us to quiet.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 10.11.52 PM

And you know what? I saw somebody. I used to tease K about this one guy, but not nowadays. However, whenever I mentioned that he was one of the guests who’d come to church, she looked at me strangely and said, in a strangled tone, that she didn’t really care. I was just like, okay then. Point is: K has known him since she was young, but I haven’t. And he is absolutely gorgeouss, not as hot as Il from State College, but close. The cool thing, you see, is that I caught him staring at me several times all evening long. So who knows? Maybe someday he’ll shake off that shy exterior and we can find a way to officially introduce ourselves, rather then just glances across the room.

I left thoroughly satisfied with my back-into-society moment. Even I and S, who pretty much hate me, said hello. I was kind enough to give them the basics (time of day, etc.) Reminder to self: Be nicer to them. Hah. Good luck with that one, Nicole.

Right well, g’night!

-Lonely but Fabulous


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