More Questions!

Courtest of my lovely friend Rachel, here are some more Liebstar Award Questions for me to answer!

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 10.26.08 AM

(They have been nominated already, but if they wish to complete the questions yet again, Nicole and grittyink.)

Finally I’m supposed to write 11 questions for my nominee(s).

1: Early bird or night owl?

I’d say night owl, like my Dad. I’m always staying up late to practice ballet, or to draw, or just to calm down listening to music and drinking tea. However, if I tell myself to wake up a certain time, I have no problem doing it without an alarm.

2: Typing speed? (Just for fun! If you don’t know off-hand, you can take a test here.)

My speed was 83! Gotta go practice some more and break that hundred.

3: What’s your ideal kind of weather? (Specifics here. Temperature, precipitation level, ect.)

Spring or early summer. I’d say around 23 (celcius) is my perfect temperature. It’s not hot, it’s actually kind of cool, but it’s warm enough to wear shorts or a summer dress, and yet you aren’t sweating to death.

4: What is your favorite flavor subcategory: salty, sweet, sour/acid-y, or bitter?

That’s a hard one. Personally, I love all three. I like salty caramel, for instance. When I was a kid, I used to put salt on everything, without trying it first to test. Nowadays I really like to suck on lemons.

5: Write your dream dinner platter. Include appetizer, drink, and dessert.

Garlic bread with melted butter inside, and very crunchy on the outside. I’d want a cherry coca cola. For my main course, I’d love to have mashed potatoes, stir-fry, and this amazing chicken that my grandma makes. Dessert would be brownies. (Please don’t say I should be going for something fancier, like fille mignon or etc. I really love my homemade, junky, sugary foods)

6: Incense or scented candles?

What is the difference? I like anything that smells nice.

7: A day at the beach or hiking in the mountains?

Actually, I’d like a combination. I’ve done it several times where I spend half the day at the beach, and then go hiking nearby. For instance, in Virginia Beach (the evergreen forest side) V and D and me had a blast doing this.

8: What is your favorite category out of the fine arts? (This includes creative writing, drama, photography, graphic design, paintings/drawings, music, and ect. The question is asking what you’d enjoy viewing the most – not necessarily doing.)

I’d say watching ballet. That’s my absolutely favorite thing ever. Youtube surfing time is spent searching for dance videos I haven’t yet seen, or reviewing favorites. It’s my dream to go see some of the big ballets, like Jewels and Romeo and Juliet, perhaps in Moscow, someday.

9: Favorite color palette?

Moody colors, like blue and green and purple.

10: Favorite ethnic cuisine?

I love my Mom’s plov (rice and lamb). I also love borsch and pelmeni.

11: Any pet peeves?

Not that I’m aware of… I have problems with myself, but not really anything about other people. My sister has a few that I could point out, though. xD

-Lonely but Fabulous


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