I’ve been all around the world…

‘Ello Darlings!

I’m attempting not to smile as I read over a short story for my American Literature class. Dad thinks I’m not doing school if I so much as smile at my screen. Beside me, on the desk, sits a warm cup of green tea. Splayed out on the bed behind me are various fancy skirts, shirt, dresses, and shoes.

Currently Listening To: International Love by Pitbull & Chris Brown

Currently Wearing: Elle Floral Peep Toe Shoes, a beautiful White Embroidered Tulle Skirt, and the Crepe Peplum Top in Peach from Topshop.

Now, I tend to post during the week, because if I post during the weekend, it tends to be lost among a sea of others. However, this weekend I decided to add an exception to that rule, because I felt I’ve something to share.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 2.23.55 PM

Now, the fancy outfit is not a coincidence. I’m trying out outfits for Easter Sunday. I can’t decide between a fancy dress or this skirt and top. I know we’ve still got like, three weeks, but I like to be prepared ahead of time. Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom. It’s always nice to take somebody, even your mom, along for an extra opinion. I had to leave several other items I wanted behind because I bought these shoes. However, I’d say they were worth it. My only major worry is that somebody else in our group gets to them first. However, having bought them now, I want to wear them once before Easter so that everyone knows I have them. They really are ultra beautiful, and very comfortable. I love that they reflect both the art and the floral themes going around lately.

For Easter, I’m thinking about having my sister neat these adorable knit bags she has for me. Then I’ll put two or three EOS balls in each, a few bags of candy, or perhaps a cute bracelet set. It’ll be fun to give everyone gifts. So far, I’ve done cards and gifts for Christmas and Valentines Day. Celebrating the holidays is always a blast.

In fact, I’m looking forward to April Fool’s Day. The kids and I always go to Walmart and Michael’s for some funky supplies and then play a few tricks on my parents and each other. Some things that we do include: Boarding up their door with knit strings, put food coloring into the bottom of our cereal bowls, raining paper bits down on them when they open their door. If you have any more fantastic ideas, let me know!

So I’m now off to shower and prepare for the service tonight. I’ll be helping Mom out with the kids in her class, since the other lady she normally does it with is down in Virginia for college. I’ve just written a three page memoir of my childhood, 12 point Times New Roman font, not double spaced. When I write, I think too much about myself and too little about the reader…

Good’day darlings.

Lonely but Fabulous



5 thoughts on “I’ve been all around the world…

  1. We love celebrating holidays as well. We like all holidays, but so far Easter is our favorite. Each Easter, we all wear pastels: Constance wears sky blue, Lana wears orange, Daisy wears a sunny yellow, and Madilyn wears a bright cotton candy pink!
    Don’t forget to sparkle,
    Sparks Ignite

  2. The fact that you started the post by mentioning that you had a cup of green tea nearby instantly made me smile. Yes, I’m a little obsessed.
    Both of your outfit options sound really cool, and congratulations on finding a pair of shoes you love!
    Aww, it’s really cute and thoughtful how you like to spread cheer by giving out little gifts. I do the same, but at random times throughout the year.
    Being the prankster that I am, April Fool’s is one of my favourite things ever. It’s the one time where I actually have a semi-legit excuse for pranking people! I already have a ton of pranks planned. Your ideas sound pretty fun. I never prank my parents. They’re not exactly the type to laugh it off. Well, so far, these are my ideas: 1. Replacing the filling in Oreos with toothpaste. 2. Caramel apples, with onions instead of apples 3. Fake roaches 3. Getting my whole class to bring toy phones to school, and then pull them out at the same time while fake-texting to see if we’ll get them confiscated 4. Mentos-Coke explosions 5. Throwing wet tissues at the ceiling so that they stick 6. Classic air horn behind the door prank. Usually my pranks are much bigger and wilder, but I would feel awful if I actually tried my scrapped ideas out on someone.
    I have the exact same problem while writing. I write selfishly: I write for me, not the reader. I’m working on it, though

    • Woah ! 😀 These are some awesome prank ideas. Tomorrow is going to be wild.
      Obsessed with tea too ;D Coffee is just blechh. I mean, if I want to wake up in the morning I just spray some perfume in the air and walk through it. Wakes me up and helps me feel better.
      Merci for the comment! Totally luh-ved it.
      -Lonely but Fab.

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