Nobody’s here knocking at my door

‘Ello Darlings!

Currently I’m pouting and wishing I was on vacation somewhere. It’s Spring Break, but Dad isn’t really able to take us anywhere what with us just having bought a new car. I’ve plenty to do at home and around town, but still. I have on the Whiteout Playsuit by Sabo Skirt and the Lola Cruz Rhinestone Mesh Toe Ring Sandals. I’m sporting a beautiful golden bronze color, (fake tan bottles FTW!) and I’m pretending that it’s warm enough outside to be wearing what I’m wearing. Actually, the weather has been pretty darn great, althought it’s been raining on and off as it always does in April. Sunday it was like 27º!! Weather’s fantastique.


And I don’t even know how I survived,

I won’t make it down the road with on headlight.

No, I don’t even know if I’m alive.

Woah, without you now

This is what it feels like.

Armin van Buuren

Yes, I’m aware that the song is rather depressing…. my mood is probably way too foul for the beautiful weather I’m seeing outside. The grass is finally green, and the cherry willows in our neighbor’s yard are budding with pink. We drove by some gorgeouss (why do I always write it with two s’s? it looks wrong without them somehow… normally I’m all hooray for spellcheck… but no thanks) blooming dogwood trees yesterday, and I can’t help but let it remind me of the dogwood at our old house. ‘Twas a lovely thing, we were always coming home from church on Sundays and climbing on it in our nice clothes. That always upset Mama. Ah, us *laughing*.

So,  I wrote a memoir for school! Although I’ve already submitted it, I keep remembering more ideas of childhood stories to put into it. I never realized how much I forgot about being a kid. It’s honestly a lot of fun to do, it’s very funny how much I love to write about myself. In any case, I got a fabulous grade on it, so I’m happy. Also, yesterday, what with my being on Spring Break, I decided I have time to get a few books. Therefore I stopped by the library and picked up some classics that I’ve heard a lot about but never actually gotten around to reading. Mayhaps I’ll write a review for one of those. So that is a breakdown of what’s been going on.

I did Alan Hineline’s Sleepy Hollow Ballet with the costume department at the Whitaker Center last Saturday. That was a blast, seeing all the students, meeting some of them (all the guys are really good looking haha) and helping out backstage. It was definitely a new experience. Also, despite the fact that I know what goes on behind the scenes, that evening I went and got tickets just to see it, and it feels magical, despite all the stress that actually happens backstage. Thankfully nothing went wrong, so it wasn’t an extreme amount of pressure.

Glad to be back! Happy Easter!

-Lonely but Fabulous 😉


4 thoughts on “Nobody’s here knocking at my door

  1. Hiiiiii,
    Happy spring break to you! I’m not going anywhere, either. My mum and I have too much to get done and my dad is too busy with work. Ironically, he travels a lot for work. In fact, he’s out of town right now.
    Ahh, I’ve always wanted to try fake tanning, but I think that it would be pretty pointless, considering that I’m naturally bronzed. Oh, and that the sun would roast you instantly here. Although luckily, I don’t get sunburned easily (or, at all). I remember on sports day, I wore mid-calf leggings and Nike shoes with some ankle socks and the skin that was showing is still darker than the rest of my leg, haha. We were in the sun all day, but like I mentioned, I don’t get sunburned. Wow, and that was back in February, and I can still see that tanned area.
    I’m glad the weather’s been lovely, there. It’s freaking hot here! Everyone here has fled to colder countries. My best friend’s in London right now. She, like me, loves the rain and chilly weather.
    I always find memoirs so interest. Would you mind posting yours? Congratulations on getting a decent grade! I totally get what you mean about forgetting things about being a kid. Currently, we are clearing our store room, and I found SO many stuff I loved as a kid. I held on to the few I didn’t donate, for sentimental reasons. Those things include but are not limited to: a snow-white plastic ball and a minnie mouse pencil case. One of those 4-zipper ones with a memo pad, pencil colours of everything. I remember using the memo pad to introduce passing notes in year 4. Ahh, memories.
    The ballet sound amazing! I’m glad you had such a great experience.

    • Hey Adrian! 🙂
      Woah merci for the loooooooong comment. Just the sort of thing that I look forward too. My Dad isn’t out of town alot, but I do miss him whenever he’s working. It’s always ultra special whenever I get to go anywhere with him alone, it’s fun just to talk, but him being Dad, talking about guys is obviously not something I bring up. Still it’s cool.
      Ohmigosh I have EVERYTHING from being a little kid! The only thing I don’t really have is my old room (duh) and this one Teddy bear, don’t know where he went. I even have a bunch of my old clothes, because my siblings like to use them for dressup and things. Awwh, I miss being a kid, don’t you? Yeah, things are going fine in ballet and etc. (: Ttyl prettyface!
      -Lonely but Fab.

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