To Be Inspiring


I’ve always wanted to inspire others. This blog has been one of the many mediums I’ve used in order to do that. Ballet, photography, clothing, poetry, DIY’ing, makeup… it’s all a part of my search for beauty. It’s wonderful to know that I’ve inspired others, too. Thanks to darling Amanda for nominating me for this award! She does inspire me, too, with her lovely advice and constant ideas.

The guidelines are these:

  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven (rather personal) Facts About Myself:

1. I don’t have enough time, nor space, to write everything that I wish I could. I can’t imagine people reading the whole entry I write as it is. A huge thanks to those who do, actually, read everything, and especially to those who comment.

2. I tend to respond differently to different social situations. As a result, I often charm the people I don’t particularly want to admire me, and cause those whom I wish would adore me to groan. That kind of response just confuses me. Although it makes sense that, because of my nervousness, I laugh way too often and way too loudly, therefore causing these groans in these types of situations… oh my gosh…
3. Writing here really helps me to sort through my emotions, and although I don’t always print what I wrote in my draft (mainly because my common sense tends to take over halfway through, thankfully) it’s really a way to let loose and vent.
4. I find myself constantly getting myself injured in the throes of enthusiasm. For instance, in an attempt to multitask, it often happens that I end up doing things that include (but are not limited to): Burning myself, snipping a palm, pricking a finger, turning and therefore spraining my ankle, straining my heel terribly after being en pointe, receiving muscle fatigue, bruising three toenails (leaving them purple)… you get the idea.
5. I always feel the pressure to perform, to outdo. If I had one way to describe my style, it would be glamorous. I like to impress, to make a good (and lasting) first impression.
Only two more to go! Hmmm…
6. I often give out great advice, according to (several) friends I’m very wise, but I often forget to take my own advice, or choose to act passively, rather then listen to my conscience… this resulted in my troublesome reputation.

7.  I’m often jealous of others (think my ex-boyfriend, for practically being a professional dancer, and my bestie, for being so absolutely gorgeous). Yet I’m also easily empathetic. I realize the hard work that gets put into being fabulous. Everyone has issues, family issues, self confidence, hoots and stares, etc. Somehow, though, I end up ignoring all the bad signs people are giving me and give them the benefit of the doubt. I don’t understand, sometimes, how other people can be so cruel. They don’t see the problems these people are facing. This creates a conflicting sort of trust..

Now it’s time to nominate 15 blogs that inspire me! Let me see here…

There are my ten bloggers! Aall of you for making my wordpress reader so sweet with your lovely posts, all of you inspire me to be better, give me fantastic advice, and to the very core of my being, I thank you.

-Lonely but Fabulous



10 thoughts on “To Be Inspiring

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Congratulations! I found your facts really interesting, and I feel like I got to know you better! I especially love how you went into detail than just listing one-sentence answers!
    Don’t be too hard on yourself, dear, I respond quite strangely in certain situation and tend to give people the benefit of the doubt all the time! Not to mention, I’m the biggest klutz ever!
    Whenever I see someone getting picked on, I just wanna pull a “LEAVE BRITTANY ALOOONE!” cause they have no idea what that person could be going through!
    Lovely posts as per usual, and I shall check out the blogs you listed. I’d like to thank you in advance because I’m sure they’re all quite lovely.

    • Thanks! 😀 Yeah, I try to make them personal, because just stating my favorite color is so much more boring then making you read an entire paragraph about myself (lol).
      I’m just too trusting. But Ikr! I just give them a look and honestly, it hurts me to hear other people talk hurtfully about others. It’s just. the way I am.
      Awwh, your welcome, 😉 I honestly had trouble finding some, infact, can I add your name to the list?
      -Lonely but Fabulous

  2. xox thanks for the nomination! Even if I forget to comment and/or like, please know that I always read your entire blog posts and take great pleasure in doing so. You are a very inspiring beautiful person. And don’t worry about those rugged edges, everyone has them and that is part of what makes people in general so interesting. Please always remain true to yourself.

  3. To be inspiring, thats something i’ve always wanted! your blog looks amazingly cute!

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