Battle Scars Don’t Look Like Their Fading

Ello Darlings!

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Hey There! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve started a sort of clique-blog thing. I’m accepting auditions for the DSL Daters at Please contact me if you want to be a part of the clique 🙂 I have positions open for everyone except Skye Hamilton. The clique does not necessarily follow the book, the characters are only to be loosely based off of it. For instance, Skye doesn’t go to Alpha Academy. She is currently sixteen and a junior, still at BADS along with her girls. The rest of the plot is up to the imagination. Please Audition!

Also wanted to let you know that I’ve now face-claimed Elsie Enchanted for my Skye Hamilton blawg. Please appreciate and respect this. The official claim is featured at Claims Record.

Btw! As for my New Year’s Goals, I’ve completed most of them for the blog! We are now at 50 followers, 312 total views, 20 blog likes, and 40 page likes. Awesome job and huge thanks to all of my lovely followers!

Merci for listening!




‘Till the World Ends

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Hey Darlings! Mind looking at my new blog?

Pain of Pointe

Most of it is fictational, drawing on my own experiences in the ballet world. I hope you follow and enjoy!




Call all the Ladies Out

Ello Darlings! Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014!

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The outfit above is what I was wearing to the New Years Eve service last night. For the party with youth I changed into more comfortable clothing, naturally. We went there with the fantastic H&H twins. Although they do listen to some questionable music (much like all of us, I suppose) their hearts are truly in the right place. K, my cousin, and D, my sister, and I all went up to State College with them. It’s a few hours journey from where we live, so by the time church ended and we got started, things just kept getting later and later.

When we arrived at the party, it was literally 11:48. We came in, said hello, set out a few dishes, everyone prayed, and then it was already 12:00! I absolutely love parties. I was really sorry that we were so late, because we missed about half of it. All the Vovch. girls had to leave almost immediently. I was hoping Angela would stay at ours all night, but she decided to attend another party, where I suppose she had more fun, since she didn’t come home.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.47.46 AM

The great thing about the party was that all of the Dyb guys were there (since it was at their house) and they invited all of their incredibly good-looking friends. A, my crush, was there. I don’t know about he liking me. K says it’s possible, and I think it is too, but he wasn’t completely outgoing in showing it. Probably because H&H nearly flooded him with comments about how V likes him. She likes everybody, and I think their cruel to make it into a joke, but I suppose he was in over his head. Those guys just don’t know how to leave well enough alone. Actually, it was really funny! I’m just wondering if it influenced his feelings toward me…

In retort, he mentioned that he prefers girls who are like, tanner, and things. Says he wants to move down to Miami where all the pretty girls are. We all laughed like crazy at that. I mean, I get the vibe that he doesn’t hate me, and he did look at me pretty darn often (in that funny way of his) but I didn’t see very much of his signature smirk. He did hug me goodbye, though. It was kinda a man-hug sort of thing, so I honestly don’t know what to think about it. But hawnestly, he makes it incredibly hard to flirt. I kept trying to get a conversation started, but he never noticed, he was always talking with somebody else, usually anyways. Point is I didn’t really get him to myself.

Good thing was, not many other girls from the youth came, so V wasn’t there, and neither were any other of the pretty ones, so I guess I was the prettiest girl there. I hate to say that and make it sound snobbish, but I was just glad that there wasn’t much competition. The stupid thing is that probably four or five of the guys (eventually most of them left) including A kept looking at me and then looking away. Like, you know what I mean? When their checking you out? And then doubling back sometimes?


Well, you know what they say. If you show up and they aren’t whispering, go home and change. Mission accomplished, I suppose 🙂 no need to go home and change.

Wish you the best in 2014! My resolutions>>

-Maybe to date somebody like A or D. That’s a dumb resolution though.

-I want to get abs.

-Also I want to find a way to earn more money for a laptop and cellphone

-To finally get my permit and license


Nicole NonChaire/Amoire

Trailing Cotton Candy

Ello Darlings! Merry Christmas Eve!

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Two dark haired boys sit on a bench. One has a bag full of gummy worms lying beside him. He’s chewing one. Two beautiful girls, one tall and way too skinny, the other short and curvy, walk up. V and N are on a mission. They smile halfheartedly, brightly say Merry Christmas, awkwardly hand the boys a brochure, and walk off, trailing cotton candy smelling perfumes. Once out of view, the pair breaks down laughing at their awkwardness. V says that N’s face is red. N feels it.

Peeking back, the girls notice another group of guys, all staring at their cellphone screens. We walk up to them. The same thing happens again, awkward smiles, brochures, trailing cotton candy smells. One boy thinks, do I recognize her? Peeking back at his instagram, he suddenly realizes that one of the girls is a renowned instagram beauty he follows. The other is a much less known blogger, me, naturally.

Ah, such is the life of a Russian-American girl.

I hate these mall things. It’s nice, but it’s so awkward doing it with guys, you know? My face goes all red after the first time, and stays red. Then, quite often, we are chased out by mall cops. For what? Handing out brochures about Jesus? Kay, finee, be that way. We’re cautious nowadays. I hid the brochures in my huge bag and we dont’ give out any in the stores. But it’s a good thing, I guess, though dangerous, and very embarassing. Good thing I don’t know anybody I see.

Right well, that’s a quick update on my life.


Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 1.24.42 PM (Not my real outfit, just a cute polyvore set of mine<<)



From the Bottom…

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Ello Darlings!

I’ve got a tad of sickness. Every time I stand up it feels as though I’ve been knocked on the head by a hammer. Despite these lovely feelings, I made it to Sight and Sound yesterday for Miracle of Christmas. We met two fine girls from Ukraine. They speak really sweetly, and some of their words are hard to understand, since they speak more Ukranian then Russian, but I understood most of what was said. D and me both agree they are quite nice. We might invite them to our skating party next week.

A funny thing lately has been that we keep meeting up with homeschooling people that my Mother knows, and people keep asking me about my ballet. Apparently Mama has been talking about my dancing around the house all the time. Sigh. Or maybe it was my siblings. Either way, news of my over-obsession for the dance has spread like wildfire. And then, you know, other ballet dancers give me a quickie and probably mentally shake their heads. I am double the height of the normal ballet dancer. I hate being tall! Thankfully I am incredibly thin, naturally so, and of course with all the ballet I’ve been doing lately, I’m probably a little bit more fit for the description then I would have been a while ago, but it’s quite embarassing.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.12.46 AM

Like, whenever we were at the Nutcracker, afterwards we went and did things with some other families because mom wanted to talk. So at one point in the conversation I decided to go up and ask mom a thing or two. And this one lady smiles at me and asks, so which one of your kids were you saying wants to be a ballet dancer? I just smiled and blushed a bit and looked down. Eyes shining, with embarassment, probably. I do love it though. I honestly wish….. Maybe I will magically develop some talent and get noted? Ha. Even if I did, Mom and Dad would never let me move anywhere to dance. They’d call it a faulty and dangerous career. More sighs. And that lady with the Ukranian girls asked me if I wanted to be a ballerina. I mean, c’mawn? BALLERINA? Nobody even uses that term. Except, maybe, my little four year old sister.

Right well! I’m feeling a bit better, I suppose, then I did yesterday. But I hate being sick during the holidays! I’ve got so much to do! Naturally, dance and voice lessons are off. But I had Sight and Sound yesterday with family, then tomorrow will be out all day with the youth doing mission work, then on Sunday I am singing and performing in the Christmas program, and Monday night we have more engagements. And there is New Years to celebrate, and caroling to do. It is nuts, the sort of wonderful business I look forward to, expect when I am sick.

Love you all! Thanks for reading through my rants! I know they are all on the same topics, and such, please forgive me! I can’t help myself! And sorry for the spams of ballet pictures everywhere!




Ello Darlings!

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I’ll write a bit about my weekend and then move on a bit toward feelings and such.

My weekend was alright. It started on Friday, which was a heck of a long day, let me tell you! Crazy long. We got up early, and got to the mall at eleven because we took too long getting ready (uh!). We had about an hour and ten minutes to shop. We spent most of it in Claire’s, getting gifts for several of the girls at church. I got K a pretty bracelet with a cross on it, and I hoped she would love it, and she did! And I gave V an infinity bracelet. They both absolutely loved the symbols. See, Katie is always like cresting herself, which is like, orthodox or something, but it’s her little thing, and we love her for it. And V is just the sort of girl who loves bling, and I thought that a gold infinity bracelet would be appropriate for her, since I bet you she is gonna stay young forever. I mean, right now, V is like 14, right? And all the guys think she is like 16 or 17. So she is gonna be 16 for a really long time. In fact, sometimes she is walking through the mall and guys look at her and yell out her instagram name, hahaha!! And they don’t even like, actually know her, except on there, you know? So V is V. 🙂 And K is K, naturally. Gotta love my girls.

As for D, I won’t tell you what I got her, since I haven’t given her her gift yet, and I don’t want to jeopardize it in case she reads this. I hope she loves it, though it’s small. I want to get her another small gift too, so she can have like two small and pretty ones, since she IS my sis and absolute best friend and such.

Then we went to Barnes and Nobles and got a bunch of books on our gift cards, then went to see the Nutcracker, then went out to eat, then to the library, then shopping again and I bought shoes, and it was just nuts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.51.12 PM

Okay, forget talking about my weekend. It was boring, trust me. Although I’m telling you, maybe I’m just wierd, but S and A have just been looking at me waaay too often lately. And J is never around, but whenever he is, he looks at me a lot too. I feel like this creep, like maybe I have a giant bump growing in the middle of my head, I mean honestly? Why they be so curious? Sigh.

I guess I’m just extra sensitive to guys attention right now. It’s really wierd, and not at all cool, trust me. Plus, thing is, I saw my ex D dancing in the Nutcracker the other day, and it just made me pretty darn jealous. He’s waay too hot for me xD and the poor guy used to say how he wasn’t good enough for me, and that’s why he broke up with me. Doesna make sense to me, tbh. He had problems when he was a kid, though, and even nowadays he still has to face them and such. It’s tough. I think he throws himself into dance to forget it. And I’m telling you, he’s doing a great job. I’ve been studying ballet technical stuff, and I think I would know. I mean, I’ve been noticing some missteps in the dance, or like once or twice whenever the girl came down a little sadly, maybe thanks to her partner. So if you’re looking for a ballet dancer to hire, I’ve got one for you, just saying that in case you’re looking.

And reason it makes me jealous is not because I miss him as a boyfriend, but because he gets to do what I wish I was doing, to dance. It’s way too late for me to have a career in it, and plus too expensive, and all these other obstacles. So I suppose I ought to be happy for him. But I would really like to talk to him sometime. He’s crazily busy though, and most of his free time is spent sleeping things off, naturally.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 10.43.50 PM

As for A, he’s very very good looking, but I haven’t seen him in months, not since October, and I haven’t talked to him in like a month either, because it’s about time he texted me first, and he hasn’t, so thats just whatever, like okay fine be like that. 🙂 Maybe I’ve let him go, or maybe I’ll see him again and cave in again. Probably will. My problem is, that I have crushes on the same guys for like, ten years. Seriously.

Like for AVF, I’ve known him since like 2009, and I keep saying I don’t have a crush on him anymore, and then I see him again and it’s all craziness and heart thumping and butterflies. Same, I think, with like D and A and just a heck of a lot of guys. Except for S, I don’t like him anymore. And I’m sorry if you’re getting confused about all these guys, girl, but that’s the way it should be, plus I know like ten guys with the same names 🙂 sorree.

Anyway, the result of my seeing that wierdly inspiring play is, I’ve been going nuts about practicing. I did a half hour workout Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and on Monday I did one in the morning and one in the evening. Yup, it was definitely inspiring. I’m just hoping that I can find a way to incorporate all these seperate parts into a dance. Maybe I can find a book on choreography, or some dance online that I really like to copy.

Right well, that’s my probably ah-nnoying life, since I betcha didna want to read about all my lovely guy problems !