‘Sitting in the Corner

‘Ello Darlings;

“Hipster: Because it takes a lot of effort to look like you don’t care.”

So Here I am, sitting back at home in my sunny, yellow hall. Finally, I get a minute to breathe! Not that I needed one, I was taking plenty of breaths this weekend, but it passed in a forever and a flurry at the same time. I had an absolutely phenomenal time. In homage to my dearest friend’s wishes for me, I’d say, many of my hopes were established.

That said, I’ve decided on a theme for this summer. I feel like it’s the perfect medium between my usual preppy and the impossible-to-reach boho theme I’m going for. I’m going to be hip! Fa la la (: . Give me a cute oversized tee with rolled up sleeves, fantastic but basic black pants, my studded sneakers, and some boring beanie. Or, better yet, I’ll take those phenomenal ripped up shorts, grab an oversized plaid sweater and a pair of nerdy glasses. There ya go, babe. You always had it coming for you, full circle. Yus, darlings, that’s me. Switching from Hipster to Romantic to Preppy to Overdressed, and now back to Hipster.

“You’ve come a long way, baby.” *laughs* (Anybody recognize this line? I love Spoken Word.)

So my weekend, as I was saying, was fabulous. I played sports I didn’t even know I was good at! I flew a kite, played frisbee, got compliments during soccer, some kartoshka (volleyball, but the Russian version), and even played catch with a football! I’m decent at spinning those balls, as you can see. Let me talk about it in further detail.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 2.10.50 PM

So I was in State College the bulk of this past week. Through Wednesday, I was working cleaning apartments with my sister. Then, come Thursday, my aunt felt ill. The chemicals are really bad for your health, and especially so with the amounts we ended up inhaling. Therefore, we took the day off. I spent the morning finally getting some real sleep and doing a minimal amount of homework. In the afternoon, my aunt felt better. Our uncle came up (he lives like, two minutes from my great aunt, where we were staying). He said we were going to the park to play tennis. Feeling absolutely unprepared, I dressed in my bright blue jeans, carefully arranged a beanie, and did my best not to show signs of disinterest. Anyways, we got to the park, and by that time it was drizzling. We’d gotten out of the car, walked about halfway to the courts, and it suddenly started pouring buckets. We quickly slid under a pavilion along with D and V, the two guys we were meeting up with. D is a good friend, younger then me by a year. He’s suddenly shot up taller and become very handsome. V is someone I’ve never know very well, but he’s a chill person, definitely someone I’d like to get to know better.

So, with the sudden change of weather, we decided to do something else. Our uncle drove us back to the house in order to change shoes (both me and my sister had worn something totally unsuited to rainy weather) while the guys went to go pick up T. We met up at Sweet Frog. I’ve never been there before, it’s a fabulous place. I tried, like, three flavors in my medium sized cup, along with gummy worms, and swedish fish. V directed two comments toward me, almost out of the blue. I think he fancies me, because when he said both comments, he looked at me for the reaction. First of all, he mentioned that he’d just noticed he was taller then me by a mere few inches. Secondly, he made a joke about the candy looking like ecra, (fish eggs, a common Russian delicacy). I smiled and laughed back on both accounts. After the fantastic ice cream, we went back to the Dyb’s house. We watched several episodes of the blacklist and went out for Pizza among the busy night life streets of Penn State.

Friday was so exciting, I almost had trouble sleeping! But then I did sleep, because I was actually exhausted, and realized that it was good for me. In the morning, I slept in late again. I got up around 11 and did some pointe because I realized that the floor at the retreat was wooden and that would make some things impossible to do. I then did some schoolwork. D’s mom came over and said that she was going over to get a food order from my mom, that they were meeting up halfway, and since I felt homesick I went with her. It was nice to see her, and I got a small meal at McDonalds out of it. I honestly like junk food asmuch as anything else. I don’t know how some people are so down on it. Maybe their afraid of developing diabetes, but personally I need the extra weight. We got back home, and I realized it was already pretty late. Therefore I packed as quickly as possible, discarding some things that I knew (or thought I knew) I wouldn’t need at the retreat. In this unfortunate bundling, I forgot to bring my soccer shorts and sneakers of any kind. That turned out to be a bad thing later on, but I won’t complain.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 2.58.19 PM

In the afternoon, we left for the Dyb’s house again. We came and I helped D and my uncle make cookies while everyone else prepared to leave. We rolled them in sugar and they turned out being really good, snickerdoodles are the best. After a while, V came, we packed our bags into, somehow stuffed ourselves into their tiny cars, prayed before leaving, and we were off. I convinced A to stop at Walmart in order to purchase some “necessities”. It was actually because I needed makeup xD I didn’t elaborate.

Him and the guys went to Sam’s Club instead to grab a giant pack of Redbull, everyone was downing it all weekend.

After a long and beautiful ride along the side of the mountain, it was gorgeouss, golden fields and the sun shining down on everything…  we turned onto a side road, and after seven minutes of driving hazardously along the side of the deep ravine and irregular road fencing (A owns a stickshift jetta) we reached our destination. We grabbed notebooks and pencils (provided courtesy of the small church) and eventually everyone headed into the conference room where we have our sessions in order to congregate ourselves into something like a schedule. Their youth leader came up and let everyone know what we would be doing that day. First off, we headed into the dining room for supper, since everyone was absolutely starved. The meals, although lacking in variety (which is understandable because of the amount of people the staff was cooking for) was nonetheless delicious.

I was unsure where to sit, but ‘Nessa (a friend I reconnect with every year we come) waved me over. After this, we went up to the cabin where everyone was sleeping (it’s like a big hotel partitioned into dorms) and I changed into more comfortable shoes. Then we came back to the RC (retreat center) and played some get-to-know-you games. The first was simple; we all stood in a big circle. Each person came out of the circle and stated their name and did a move that described themselves which everyone had to copy. It was a lot of fun, one girl got down and did a pushup, and these two guys did a neck lock and ruffled each other’s hair. When it was my turn to step out of line, I boldly proclaimed myself and did a beautiful fifth position. It was hilarious to watch the guys try to shuffle their feet into a submissive turnout. Most of the girls didn’t even try.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 3.10.20 PM

Anyways, I had a blast that evening, and Saturday, and Sunday. ‘Nessa says she caught Alex looking at me more then once during prayer, and I kept catching him looking at me from far across the room, but the biggest move he made toward conversation was a wave and nodded hi in my direction. I honestly don’t know about that boy. I feel like making a move on my own would be odd.

Some other people did, though, find a way to make relationships work. For instance, I had no problem seeing that K (a sweet hipster from syracuse, and now my style inspiration), was totally digging Vl. Last I texted, she said they were a possible thing. Overall, the weekend was a success. I received numerous compliments, including impressive flexibility, intimidating tallness, confidence, beauty, soccer and football playing/throwing skills, and on my apparent sweetness. Several people said I ought to be a model, and those who didn’t know me nicknamed me the ballerina chick. My favorite thing was the confidence and power I felt and expressed. Back home, I’m judged and conflicted, I’m lucky if someone hangs with me. Here, it felt like people felt privileged to get to be around me, were grateful if I chose them for a friend. They listen to my advice and correction carefully, and if they gossip about me behind my back, it’s nothing mean. I liked that feeling. I hope I can find it here, somehow, that confidence I feel when I’m wearing what I want; when I feel beautiful and complimented; when I can pick and choose my friends rather then practically having to beg for their attention.

-Lonely but Fabulous



J’tme tres tiré

‘Ello Dears!

Apologies for the absence of existence.

It’s late, I’m exhausted, and it’s a funny thing that I have cramps because my life’s going well. Tums help, this is not intense enough for birth control. I’m here, darlings, working here at Penn State again. The job pays well, lasts me the entire summer. I know I ought to do some school, but I can’t dream up the enthusiasm for algebraic algorithms right now. I bet you my parents get a truancy paper in the mail next week. Say, twenty bucks? Forty?

Hah. Hand them over to me by Monday (; it’ll happen. Ah, me. We worked for a few days, but now we have off for the weekend. It’s ‘most Fridaay, and I plan to spend that hunting thrift shops for vintage Louis Vuitton. In the evening we’ll be off in the middle of the mountains, quite possibly seeing more then one crush and trying to make sense of my suitcase. I just packed the whole thing off to the laundry before the cabin thing. The halls we live in are fabulously stocked, but I’m worried that I won’t have everything I need. Hence the shopping beforehand tomorrow. I’ve got cash to blow, in any case. I found about fifteen quarters lying around the apartments we’ve been cleaning, along with some good-quality nail polishes and a decorative ship in a bottle. If I were a photographer, these would make for phenomenal photos, working here. But I don’t have the energy to constantly update the batteries in my old, old camera.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.06.48 AM

Honestly, I’m not ready for the stomach churning when seeing A or I, the slamming doors in excitement, the crispy bacon and soft bagels we chew on. Retreat is like conference, but tougher. It’s a move from spot to spot, a careful job to keep strong attention among fifty possibilities, it’s meeting old strangers who are very familiar. I have to dream it up, the ways to go beyond survival. To not just live in the moment, but to plan the moment. Imagine every possible scenario, (as well as some impossible ones), and prepare myself for inspection. For impression. It’s a memorial to me, us, teens, young and bold, finally living up to our full potential. Here to learn, to encounter, to judge, and to begin.

The weather doesn’t help. It’s projected to rain the whole weekend, which is absolutely fantastic, because I packed flip flops and sunny dresses.

I’m so sorry to be negative! :p I really am having a good time, I’m just too exhausted to write much.

Thanks so much for supporting me through the hard times!

Love chuu,

-Lonely but A.l.w.a.y.s Fabulous

Nicole NonChaire


Herro Darlings!

I’ve been implored by several lovely people to post my memoir on here. So here it, or part of it, is. (: Enjoy.

The problem with me is that I have multiple personalities. No, I haven’t been diagnosed by a specialist. It was my sister’s idea. Denya (I will probably always call her Denya, even though she hates it now) and I never agreed with each other. If she likes mayonnaise, I won’t go within ten feet of it. If I like blue, it’s her least favorite color. It was terrible when we were younger. Even though I was a year older, people thought we were twins because my mother sometimes made us wear matching dresses. I liked that, but wouldn’t ever admit to it, because Denya seemed to love it. Now, as for personality disorders, Denya and I constantly switched them. For a while, I was the horrible terror, and she was the sweet angel. We then switched, and I turned sweet, while she turned… shall we say… stubborn (among other things). It was really annoying. For instance, she would never turn off the light when we were going to bed. After a while, I would give up and get up and turn off the light. I always hated her for having that power over me, the final say, that forever-lasting endurance. “I can sleep with the light on. Suit yourself.” she would tell me. But I had the power over her when it came to social situations, and she knows it. Even nowadays, though we rarely wage our wars any more, she’s reluctant to introduce me to her friends because she’s afraid I’ll win them over with a smile and hug. I never wanted to take her friend from her, it just somehow happened. In retaliation, Dad sees her as the artist of the family, a role I used to have. Her paintings are hung up all around the house. In truth, though we are both more mature now, I don’t think we will ever stop competing with each other. Nor will we ever stop switching personalities.

I remember the last time it happened. When I was eleven, I fell into depression. It had to do with many things. I felt like the place we were living was too small, I wanted to go to a public middle school where I would have friends instead of continuing with home school. I felt like running away, made my plans, packed a bag, but I never actually went through with it. There were too many complications. That was a dark period, full of tears and fights with my Dad. It felt to me like Denya was perfectly happy, and they say that the best revenge is happiness. I still don’t remember how I got out of that depression, but I think it happened when Mom and Dad began to make plans for us to move when I was twelve. I got to constantly switch between the place on my uncle’s property to which Mom and Dad moved temporarily and my old house, which my Grandma and Great Grandpa were renting from us until we were able to sell it. That gave me a broader sense of freedom. I also started doing a cyber school, met some great people, went on a field trip or two, developed a crush on a boy. Basically, my life took off again.

I told my siblings stories on the car rides to and from home. I used to always tell stories. I still have many of my paper books from back home in Belleville. I made ten or fifteen little books, most of them filled with stories that I started but never finished. I feel sorry for all that wasted paper. My favorite toys were paper dolls. I somehow convinced my Mom to spend a few busy minutes of her day drawing, cutting and taping out a paper doll for me. I made all of her dresses, taking care with each one. Looking at them now, the outfits are plain and were quite obviously made by a five to nine year old. However, back then, they felt magical, something beautiful I’d made. The clip of scissors was probably my favorite sound. I loved to tell stories, and the paper dolls were often my medium. At night, Denya and I would steal into our closet with the dolls, whispering to each other as we shaped our blanket into little rooms for them. Mom didn’t approve of our staying up late.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.16.51 PM

My childhood felt very complicated to me at the time, and to cope, I spent lots of time in my backyard. When outside, I preferred to be alone. Sometimes I would sneak out early in the morning before breakfast and go sit on the rock outside of the garage. The robins would sing, and I would attempt to copy their beautiful whistles. Mourning turtledoves inside of our neighbor’s garage would also sing their sad songs. Ants crawled by my ledge, and I would talk to them. I was always talking to myself. Sometimes I did it in a British accent, others mumbling was in Russian, in the few words of Spanish I knew from Dora and Boots, or from the annoying, decidedly New “Yowk” accent of Dorris from Adventures in Odessey, our favorite radio show. If I could get it right, I realized, I could probably do any accent. I realized that the letter that changed the most between the languages was the R. When doing French, you start out with an eh. You then have to make a gurgling sound in the bottom of your throat and roll through it, finishing rather harshly. When doing British, you accent the T’s and D’s and ignore your R, the way my voice teacher told me to. In Russian, you have to roll your tongue in a way few Americans know how. Looking back at my writing, R is still my favorite letter. I always capitalized it unintentionally. I don’t have a favorite number.

In truth, I had always been majorly picky. I hated the feel of sand or anything else gritty; I wouldn’t eat my soup if there were boiled carrots in it. My aunt told me I was too thin because I didn’t eat enough, she had experienced my pickiness. I didn’t like her borsch, nor did I eat her mashed potatoes, they were too runny. Denya loved all foods, therefore gaining more favor with her. That was unusual, because usually I had the grownups attention, loving to sit with them at the table and listen to their conversation and gossip. It made me feel mature. However, spending time with my cousins was the best. They owned a huge trampoline, and their backyard led to beautiful woods and a private park. I hung out in those woods with Mark, younger then me, and a boy. Denya was best friends with Victoria. My aunt warned us to never go out into the woods, because she said we would get lost, but I told her that I could never get lost in the woods, or anywhere. Even when I was four or five, I could tell which church we were going to by which road we took. Halfway to the wrong church (American instead of Russian) had me screaming and running tears all over my favorite, beautiful golden dress. On the way back from vacation in North Carolina when we were nine, I took over for my Mom (helping Dad with directions) whenever she wanted to take a nap.

Long trips were spent miserably. I got headaches and felt like throwing up. I wanted to read (my favorite activity ever since I had learned how) but couldn’t because looking down for too long would trigger it. Benefits of this included getting free ginger ale and stopping whenever I needed fresh air. However, I recall, more often then once, choosing not to tell my parents how badly I felt. Thankfully it never resulted in a mess; there was always a bag ready for my deposits. I was a proud child; I hated to admit my faults, asking for forgiveness rarely, although in my remembrance I think that I always gave it freely. Too freely, it appears, I’m always too trusting of people. It always surprises me when they backstab and spread rumors.

I always felt uncomfortable around others because I knew I was different. In those days, our Dad liked us to wear skirts and dresses, Mom bought us all of our clothes. I usually saved my small allowance for new books (found for 25 cents at Yard Sales) or paper dolls (eight dollars was a lot of money in those days). I felt strange, set apart, having grown up in a very conservative church. My older cousins all looked so beautiful to me, so fashionable, so in. It was a funny feeling, to be envious of anybody. I still envy them, in many ways. However, I feel sometimes that I’ve gotten back at them for those feelings. Many are surprised to see me, me as I am now, at youth conferences whenever we visit each other. They remember me as a shy eleven year old, the gawky girl playing Indians and jumping around in their backyard. I’ve always liked to impress, to outdo, then and now.

On those days when we were especially lonely, Denya and I made ourselves an imaginary friend. She lived on the farm across the valley, a place we could see when we had swung to the highest points of our swing set. I liked to sing hymns on that swing set. I especially remember one spring day, it was around Easter. I sang every song I knew, and some twice. I closed my eyes and listened to the swing set rock up, down, in, out. It was a wonderful sound. Often our friend would ‘wave’ to us from the top of her father’s blue barn. Her brother was cute, older then us, and blonde. Denya and me dreamed about going over to her house and playing in the barn together, or having a tea party in her playhouse. I don’t remember what the girls’ name was. One time, Denya told me that today our family was going over to the girl’s house to play and have tea. Looking at each other, I decided that the lie had gone too far, but she wouldn’t admit to it. Three days later she finally did, and I think I cried. Perhaps both of us did.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.59.38 PM

One big difference between Denya and I was how we related to certain groups. She had a huge amount of trouble with our brothers, first P and then A, as they were born. If they walked into our room, she would yell at them to go out and slam the door after them. I couldn’t understand that about her. For me, boys were much simpler then girls to be friends with. They were always ready to share a joke or go defend our fort (the three-story tree house I had built out of old boards). Denya was also, unlike me, really good with babies and pets. I professed, and do to this day, to hate cats. They were nasty, selfish creatures, once you looked past that fluffy fur. But Denya didn’t care that it had gotten its foot run over by a car, she would pick up that cat, stroke it, and call it Twinkie Star.

I miss those simple days. They were days when I watched two raindrops racing down the windshield, and bet with my brother on which one would reach the bottom first. I could trust everybody, I was myself with everyone, encouraged to compete up front, instead of backstabbing. Deni and I would outdo each other, jump farther across the hay bales at James and Darla’s farm, and be a meaner Stepsister or a kinder Cinderella in the play we were performing for our parents. It was a good life, and sometimes, on days when there are no new books to read, I wish I could go back to it.

That’s it. (: Comment your thoughts.

-Lonely but Fabulous.


Don’t Fade…

Dear Darlings,

I was sitting in the car, watching the little kids running outside and chiding myself for not bringing something to read. Because you know, watching little kids always makes me sad. It makes me wish I was one of them, short, barefoot and makeup-paste-less. Still, it was a peaceful time. The sun was shining down on my knees, warming me all over, and I had the kind of feeling where you are half asleep and half awake. Sometimes a person just needs some space to breath, to sit in a car and be happy. To not think or bother about anything. There’s always plenty to stress about, but somehow just when I need it, I always find a perfect moment in which to clear my mind. It’s a mix of melancholy and contentment. Peace is a great feeling to have.

Last night I saw Catching Fire with my sister, finally, haha 🙂 . Poor Katniss! The story only gets worse from here on. I know, I’ve read the books. It’s going to be a heck of a ride for us. But I loved the movie. Finnick is gorgeous, as is Gale. Should I pick a team now? Ah, I’m too lazy too argue. I’ll just agree with whatever it is anybody else says. However, I could never go for Peeta. That guy is waaay too short. I’d overpower him with my gaze, forget my heels. This afternoon I told Kar. that I’m sixteen, and she said I’m too young to be wearing heels. She’s twelve. Oh, the ‘helpful’ advice of a (perhaps) jealous, wishful girl. I told her it was good for my pointe arch. Told her I take ballet. Kar. shook her head, couldn’t answer. Perhaps I should stop wearing heels whatsoever. They are majorly intimidating, I’ve heard. And seen. But I enjoy the confidence I get in strutting carefully around corners, one foot right in front of the other, like I’m on figure skates. I used to want to be a figure skater.

Have a lovely Easter!

-Lonely but Fabulous


Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 11.19.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 11.19.53 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 11.20.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 11.20.22 PM

Nobody’s here knocking at my door

‘Ello Darlings!

Currently I’m pouting and wishing I was on vacation somewhere. It’s Spring Break, but Dad isn’t really able to take us anywhere what with us just having bought a new car. I’ve plenty to do at home and around town, but still. I have on the Whiteout Playsuit by Sabo Skirt and the Lola Cruz Rhinestone Mesh Toe Ring Sandals. I’m sporting a beautiful golden bronze color, (fake tan bottles FTW!) and I’m pretending that it’s warm enough outside to be wearing what I’m wearing. Actually, the weather has been pretty darn great, althought it’s been raining on and off as it always does in April. Sunday it was like 27º!! Weather’s fantastique.


And I don’t even know how I survived,

I won’t make it down the road with on headlight.

No, I don’t even know if I’m alive.

Woah, without you now

This is what it feels like.

Armin van Buuren

Yes, I’m aware that the song is rather depressing…. my mood is probably way too foul for the beautiful weather I’m seeing outside. The grass is finally green, and the cherry willows in our neighbor’s yard are budding with pink. We drove by some gorgeouss (why do I always write it with two s’s? it looks wrong without them somehow… normally I’m all hooray for spellcheck… but no thanks) blooming dogwood trees yesterday, and I can’t help but let it remind me of the dogwood at our old house. ‘Twas a lovely thing, we were always coming home from church on Sundays and climbing on it in our nice clothes. That always upset Mama. Ah, us *laughing*.

So,  I wrote a memoir for school! Although I’ve already submitted it, I keep remembering more ideas of childhood stories to put into it. I never realized how much I forgot about being a kid. It’s honestly a lot of fun to do, it’s very funny how much I love to write about myself. In any case, I got a fabulous grade on it, so I’m happy. Also, yesterday, what with my being on Spring Break, I decided I have time to get a few books. Therefore I stopped by the library and picked up some classics that I’ve heard a lot about but never actually gotten around to reading. Mayhaps I’ll write a review for one of those. So that is a breakdown of what’s been going on.

I did Alan Hineline’s Sleepy Hollow Ballet with the costume department at the Whitaker Center last Saturday. That was a blast, seeing all the students, meeting some of them (all the guys are really good looking haha) and helping out backstage. It was definitely a new experience. Also, despite the fact that I know what goes on behind the scenes, that evening I went and got tickets just to see it, and it feels magical, despite all the stress that actually happens backstage. Thankfully nothing went wrong, so it wasn’t an extreme amount of pressure.

Glad to be back! Happy Easter!

-Lonely but Fabulous 😉


Dreams of Happy Endings

Hello Darlings!

I know I haven’t written in forever, and I’m sincerely sorry. Unfortunately, I am taking a hiatus (probably till April 12) because of issues.

Right now, I’m the type of sick where I definitely can’t sing with our youth group tonight. Yes, another fever and sore throat. Maybe stepping outside for a few minutes will ease the dryness, but honestly I just feel terrible. Also, next week I’ve got about a million things planned. I’m taking my sister to see Sleepy Hollow, as well as perhaps assisting Ms. Betty with costumes for it. I also just got my first pair of pointes and while they are phenomenal it means I’ve got to go to classes more often. Please, don’t take this as complaining, 🙂 I’m feeling miserable, and it provides a rather good excuse for my writer’s block.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.00.49 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.01.19 AM

Have a lovely two weeks! (: Thanks for reading.

-Lonely, Fabulous, and feeling majorly ill.

Nicole NonChaire


I’ve been all around the world…

‘Ello Darlings!

I’m attempting not to smile as I read over a short story for my American Literature class. Dad thinks I’m not doing school if I so much as smile at my screen. Beside me, on the desk, sits a warm cup of green tea. Splayed out on the bed behind me are various fancy skirts, shirt, dresses, and shoes.

Currently Listening To: International Love by Pitbull & Chris Brown

Currently Wearing: Elle Floral Peep Toe Shoes, a beautiful White Embroidered Tulle Skirt, and the Crepe Peplum Top in Peach from Topshop.

Now, I tend to post during the week, because if I post during the weekend, it tends to be lost among a sea of others. However, this weekend I decided to add an exception to that rule, because I felt I’ve something to share.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 2.23.55 PM

Now, the fancy outfit is not a coincidence. I’m trying out outfits for Easter Sunday. I can’t decide between a fancy dress or this skirt and top. I know we’ve still got like, three weeks, but I like to be prepared ahead of time. Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom. It’s always nice to take somebody, even your mom, along for an extra opinion. I had to leave several other items I wanted behind because I bought these shoes. However, I’d say they were worth it. My only major worry is that somebody else in our group gets to them first. However, having bought them now, I want to wear them once before Easter so that everyone knows I have them. They really are ultra beautiful, and very comfortable. I love that they reflect both the art and the floral themes going around lately.

For Easter, I’m thinking about having my sister neat these adorable knit bags she has for me. Then I’ll put two or three EOS balls in each, a few bags of candy, or perhaps a cute bracelet set. It’ll be fun to give everyone gifts. So far, I’ve done cards and gifts for Christmas and Valentines Day. Celebrating the holidays is always a blast.

In fact, I’m looking forward to April Fool’s Day. The kids and I always go to Walmart and Michael’s for some funky supplies and then play a few tricks on my parents and each other. Some things that we do include: Boarding up their door with knit strings, put food coloring into the bottom of our cereal bowls, raining paper bits down on them when they open their door. If you have any more fantastic ideas, let me know!

So I’m now off to shower and prepare for the service tonight. I’ll be helping Mom out with the kids in her class, since the other lady she normally does it with is down in Virginia for college. I’ve just written a three page memoir of my childhood, 12 point Times New Roman font, not double spaced. When I write, I think too much about myself and too little about the reader…

Good’day darlings.

Lonely but Fabulous


More Liebstar Nominations!

Hello Darlings!

Thanks to Chloe and Annie at twinlittleowls blog, I’ve been nominated to answer more questions! Here they are. Enjoy 😉

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.03.46 AM

1. Who is your favourite superhero?

I’ve never been into comics, so I wouldn’t know, but my best friend is really into Superman, so I’ll come alongside him.

2. How old are you?

I am sixteen and a half. ;D

3. Where would you visit if you could go anywhere in the world?

I’d want to go to; Russia, France, New York City, in that order.

4. How long have you been blogging for and why did you start?

I’ve been blogging for a few months. I’ve actually had an account on here for two years, but rarely used it until a few months ago.

5. What is your favourite film?

My favorite movie is currently Frozen. I also absolutely love Ice Princess. I hate horror movies. I once watched Lone Ranger and nearly got a heart attack (although that may have also been because it was like 3a.m. on New Year’s Eve and I was drinking Monster energy drinks.)

6. Do you have any pets?

No, although I used to raise and sell bunnies. They were adorable. 🙂

7. What is your favourite item of clothing? Why?

Currently it’s my Vera Wang black leggings. They are absolutely perfect. My favorite thing about them is that they are so comfortable, and I can wear them instead of jeans. They look like high end pants. I wear them to everything, from hiking to dancing to just going out to shop or eat.

8. What is your favourite, must have beauty item?

My favorite item, ironically, has always been blush, because it’s what adds color to my pale face during the winter months. I think that my favorite blush is the Yves Saint Laurent Matte and Satin Blush. It’s rather high end, so we’ll see about repurchasing, but I love the packaging.

9. What are you blogging goals?

My blogging goals are 200 followers (right now I’m at 119) and 3,000 views.

10. What’s your most annoying habit?

Ermm. Probably pointeing my toes when I get bored. It’s terrible because my sisters say it looks freaky and I can’t do it in sneakers or heels or, really, any shoes.

11. Who is you favourite blogger?

I’ve several 🙂 I really like Mindbabbles, grittyink, afreshsliceofrye, and the aforementioned twinlittleowls.

And here are eleven more random facts about me!

1. Some people say that I have an American accent when speaking French or Russian, and the other way around for when I’m speaking English (:p)

2. I absolutely love daises. They look amazing in photos, and adorable on t-shirts, cellphone covers, really anything and everything.

3. I believe that if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

4. I prefer sherbet to ice cream. (did I already say this one?)

5. My dream room will have nothing but white sheets, noisy posters and beautiful christmas lights.

6. My feet are currently numb from me sitting on this laptop for so long.

7. I’ve always wanted one of those sheep rugs.

8. My ears aren’t pierced.

9. “I have this wierd self esteem issue where I hate myself, yet think I’m better then everyone else.”

10. I was really into The Fault In Our Stars long before I knew they were making a movie.

11. I always eat more then I should, lately I just gorge myself even after the food stops tasting good…

There you go ;D

Enjoy your day!

-Lonely but Fabulous


Sur ce s’ennoyer

‘Ello Darlings!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.30.30 PM

It’s not as though I haven’t anything else to do. I could clean my closet (it’s desperately in need of reorganization, I haven’t traded in winter for spring yet because I want to go shopping first.) I could dance (but my muscles are aching from all of the crazy activities I did yesterday). I could watch Pretty Little Liars (but the site I usually use is offline). Therefore, I’ve sat down to listen to my phenomenal playlist and write this blog post. The music is absolutely inspiring. It’s a really patriotic song, soldiers in Russia singing how they love their country, and about riding a horse along a meadow… great stuff. Anyhows, lets move on.

My weekend was fantastic! Some family friends invited us over to celebrate Dad’s birthday and hang out.

First of all, I shot a gun for the first time in my life. In fact, in all I tried out, like six or seven guns, all belonging to J and his Dad. My favorites were the Colt M4 22 and the Smith and Wes. However, because those are the ones I fired most, my shoulder and hands hurt because the rebound (especially on the pistols) absolute stinks. Other then the little bit it hurt, however, it was a lot of fun. I might have gotten some bulls eyes, but I wasn’t one of the people running up to look, and I didn’t have anybody spotting for me, so it’s whatever. I just enjoyed feeling the power of dem guns. An especial perk of the gun shooting thing is that D and J, two pretty great looking guys, were there to show off to.

Right, well we spent a long time shooting. After that we went over to these people’s house. We had chili and pelmeni and lots of chips. I changed from my dirty, muddy clothes into my fancier I’m-at-your-Mom’s-house outfit. A and me planned ways to tease J and D (they absolutely adore each other, it’s cute but hilarious). After all those good eats, we got to the best part of the day.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.37.01 PM

Roller skating. Honestly, it felt like floating. I fell on my arse like five times, but I got my legs crossed over and went plenty fast. I got like three compliments. It was also, like, the fourth time in my life that someone complimented me on having a graceful fall. Just because I fall on my knees and do a little turn because I don’t want to resemble my brother’s splayed out form, I have a graceful fall. Honestly, I don’t care about my falls. I want to know that I look graceful when I’m on my feet, please. Unfortunately the guy who’d been checking me out last time wasn’t there, otherwise I probably would’ve braved up and gotten his number.

After two hours of laughing till my mouth ached and skating till my calves burned, we went back to these people’s house. After having tea and eating some of D’s delicious cake (my sister just so happens to be a phenomenal baker), A and J and D and me wrapped ourselves up in warm blankets, Indian style. We then went and lay out on the trampoline, looking at the stars and talking and teasing. It was a phenomenal night.

The only unfortunate part was waking up this morning and wondering if I would make it to church. Have you ever felt like your calves were being ripped apart? Yup, that’s me. But all in all, I’d say the hobbling in heels I managed today was worth yesterday’s adventure.

-Lonely but Fabulous!


Happy First Day of Spring!

More Liebster Award questions, courtesy of grittyink 😉

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.04.13 PM

1. What is one thing you can’t leave the house without?

Currently, gum. It’s a lifesaver for when I’m hungry (which is probably most of the time) since I’m in town a lot.

2. If you could speak a 2nd or 3rd language fluently, what would it be?

I actually do speak two languages 🙂 But if I could speak a third language fluently, it would be either Ukranian or just being better at French.

3. Favorite scent?

Vanilla. Or caramel. I love candles that are those two scents.

4. Do you have a favorite high school memory?

Hmm… I think my favorite memory is when Matthew emailed everybody letters about how special they are to him, then everybody else followed suite, it was just a great ending to the year.

5. What is your favorite animal?

Bunnies! They are fluffy, soft, harmless, innocent…. omg dem eyes… totally photographable… I love ’em.

6. If you were given a million dollars today, what is the first thing you would buy?

Probably a beautiful apartment in New York City.

7. What is your favorite outfit to wear right now?

My favorite outfit right now is my black skinny jeans (rock and republic), white NYC/Paris top from Brandy Mellville, Gold and black studded hightops, and this awesome leather jacket. It’s totally emo, but I gotta wear it before Spring comes and I have to go floral.

8. Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years?

In ten years, I’ll be styling movie wardrobes.

9. If someone asked you to name their baby, what would you name it? Boy or Girl?

Girl. I’d name her Alexandria or Jasmine.

10. Favorite gem stone?

Sapphire. Their gorgeouss.

11. Who is your favorite WordPress blogger?

I have more then one favorite xD I love grittyink, mindbabbles, afreshsliceofrye, blackhatbelleand I love all of the PC blogs (aliciaonpointe, etc.)

Happy Spring!

-Lonely but Fabulous