Pink and Red:

And she sat and cussed herself,

Because everybody knows that pink and red

Look terrible together.

And she leaned down to grab

Goldfish pretzels, but there weren’t any

And she stood up and let the tears

Streak away, where they belonged

And on her cheeks they fell not but ran further down.

And she gave a yawn of the sort when life

Becomes sad since everybody knows

And nobody knows, but they think that they

Do know, when they really don’t.

And it makes things worse when

The pink and red run together.

And she capitalizes all her R’s

Then they ask her why

And it’s a question she can’t answer.

She just likes the way that R feels

And her notebook paper is littered

With all those big R’s.

And her heart breaks

When she see’s a striped candy,

It’s pink and red too

And it smells like somebody

Who was once very special

And she regrets, but at the same time doesn’t

It just hurts to see and smell

And you know things are forbidden

But that makes you cry.

And they think that they know, but they really don’t.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 10.17.03 PM


Pull up,

turn down.

Pulse racing,

do not frown.

Leg front,

head bown.

Crest up,

rise high,

Arms up,

to sky.

Hold tight

Pull in

Hips jut

Ribs fling.

Hide thin

Burn fat

Thigh gap,


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 11.09.20 AM

Round Room:

Swift feet roll

Around and about and into

Bumping walls unintentionally

Asking if we are okay

Eyes shifty looking

Watching the room

Girls wanly smiling

People tripping over feet

And those crazy moments,

Head over heels,


And the room is round,

And we glue our eyes to floors,

And lights make it hard

To concentrate.

Those who show off

Cannot enjoy

And those who enjoy

Fall too often.

Such a shifty, wan, bright,

Such a round, tripped, light


Too few big words, too many shifty eyed boys.


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